Excite. Engage. Persuade.
Excite. Engage. Persuade.

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Wing Copywriting is the work of Award Winning Copywriter and Public Speaking Coach Tim Austin.  


Initially trained as a Dramaturg and playwright, Tim joined BT Directories as a copywriter in his 20s.  Chosen for his instinct with phrasing and character, he soon became one of their most popular, most trusted and most requested copywriters, winning numerous awards for the quality of his work*.


“Years of chasing theatre work taught me how tough it was to get noticed.  I knew the frustrations my customers felt and I wanted to deliver real results.


Every word had to make an impact; every phrase needed to excite. By the time I left I was writing the best practice guides for my department.”


In 2012 Tim left BT to start Wing Copywriting with a single purpose: to create the UKs most effective marketing copy for clients of all sizes. Tailored, passionate, persuasive and, most importantly, effective.


“Not every business as a million-pound marketing firm on speed-dial but they all deserve the same results. That’s what I set out to deliver."


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Based near Lancaster in the UK, and travelling across the North West and Yorkshire, Tim works for clients of all sizes.  At busy times Tim works with carefully selected colleagues under the banner of Wing.


"If you've read through this website and you're still not sure who I am, get in touch; meet me, talk to me, see how I can help. A phone call or an email is all it takes to find out for sure."


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You can contact Tim on Twitter @wingedwordsmith

You can find him on LinkedIn by clicking here.


You can discover more about Tim's work as a Public Speaking Coach at wingspeech.com.


*Two time winner of the BT Harpy Award for Most Effective Marketing Copy, winner of the BT Misty Award for Most Consistently High Quality Marketing Copy.


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