Excite. Engage. Persuade.
Excite. Engage. Persuade.

Guaranteeing Better Marketing, The Wing Copywriting Way

  • Focus on your Ideal Customer
  • Create a Detailed, Personal View of Who They Are
  • Draft a Profile To Work From


Whenever we start a new project our first consideration is always the person you're trying to reach: they're the key to your success.


A grandmother has different needs to a banking executive.  A surfer uses different language to a boxer.  Trying to reach a broad audience means you lose connection with those who hold the most value to you.  You become less Authentic.


So before we write a single word we research the customers you need to reach most: how they talk, what they fear, what they desire, what they need. 


We want to be able to talk to them as though they are standing in the room with us.


  • Consider their reaction to what you're selling
  • Match Your Voice to Theirs
  • Discover Stories to Inspire the Content
  • Tailor Phrases and Copy to Them


Once we know who we're talking to, we look at the products you sell and how those customers might react to them. 


What words or phrases will disuade?  What will persuade and what will attract?  Will one message be more credible than another?  Will one approach tug their heartstrings?  


Knowing and understanding this is essential.  


We work with you to discover stories that may appeal to them.  We look at your customers' own stories for inspiration.  Even three words can be a great story.  And a great story sells.


As part of all this, we'll frame your business "voice".  What is unique about your company?  Do you have a style that sets you apart from your competition?  If you don't, how can we help you to create one?


  • What type of marketing is it?
  • Where will they see it?
  • What mood are they in?


Where will this person be seeing it? 


In a car?  Online?  In a magazine?


Will they be busy/stressed/curious?  Will they be a warm or a cold lead?  Will they have loads of time or none at all?


Only when we have all of these pieces in place we start to draft ideas.


We'll come up with copy and pop you a few choices.  You're free to suggest changes.  This process can take a while and we may go through many drafts.  Only when you're 100% happy do we sign the copy off.


At the end of the process we'll invoice you for our work (agreed in advance) and hand the copyright to you.  You then use it as you like - Simple.


Going In-Depth


Focusing on results is what makes Wing different. 


We're constantly looking at what works and what doesn't.  Some would say that we're obsessed (we prefer "professional").


Our clients rely on us to improve their marketing and we always deliver.  Take a look at our Testimonials and see for yourself.


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